Complete Estate Sales

Waterman & Jae Estate Sales provides turn-key solutions for residential estate sales. And, since we have no other no other businesses, interests, or warehouses, our goal is to hold profitable estate sales and to sell as much of your merchandise as possible.

When the time comes to sell your estate, we will handle everything and make the process easy for you. If we hold the sale at your home, its best that you leave the sorting, cleaning, and organizing to us. Therefore, the only thing you need to do is to determine which items you'd like to keep.

Sales can be conducted in the owner's home or moved to another location. Using our extensive knowledge of collectibles, furniture, and household items, merchandise is appropriately priced in order to maximize the value of your estate. We have various experts at our disposal who specialize in jewelry, artwork, specialty antiques, electronics, and rugs. If needed, we consult with them to properly assess your belongings.

To promote your sale, we take digital pictures of key items. These images are placed onto our website and used in e-mail promotions to our large list of repeat customers who follow our estate sales. We also post your sale and merchandise pictures onto We advertise your sale in the Kansas City Star to further increase your sale's exposure. And to ensure that all bases are covered, we post signs in your neighborhood and on busy nearby streets in order to direct motorists to your sale.

During the sale, owners Bitsy and Sher are present, along with additional WJ Estate Sales staff. We constantly straighten and re-arrange items to maximize visibility to buyers. After the estate sale is complete, you have the option of selling any remaining items to a liquidator, which we will we handle for you. Any trash is removed, leaving you with a clean house and your piece of mind.

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