Partial Sales

Only have a few items to sell? Are you downsizing or decluttering in order to simplify your life? WJ Estate Sales performs partial, as well as complete sales. Therefore, we can take your smaller lot of items and group them with another sale, in order to maximize visibility and profitability. By combining sales, your merchandise will receive greater exposure because some buyers will be drawn to the sale due to the variety of items available. And, since they will be busy looking at many items, it will keep them at the sale longer which gives us a better chance to sell your items.

If you are not sure if your items are "worth selling", contact us! Let us use our 20 years of experience in the estate sale business to evaluate your collectibles or furnishings. We have various experts at our disposal who specialize in jewelry, artwork, specialty antiques, electronics, and rugs. So if needed, we can consult with them to properly assess your belongings.

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